Vimeo is a video-sharing platform that was introduced in 2004.  The Vimeo platform has creators of over 80 million users and people can use Vimeo as a platform to share and promote their professional work related to artists, animation, music, and other artwork.  Users can upload their creative videos for their family and friend circles to enjoy and browse for the available videos on the platform to watch other creators’ videos. Users can like, comment, and share others’ videos as well.   Simply down the Vimeo app through and enjoy the luxury of watching and sharing videos.

Vimeo is also rated as the place for a professional network of artists, as it has more useful discussions compared to YouTube.  In this article, we are briefly highlighting how to get started with a Vimeo account, making and watching videos on Vimeo.


Vimeo offers different options for their users who want specific storage and features as per their needs.  The different categories of Vimeo Account are:


Users can sign up any time with Vimeo for free. However, this will offer a limited selection of features and which has just 50 MB of storage space for a week, if users want to upload the videos. Users can upgrade their accounts.  The free account is recommended for the new starters, so that can visit and learn the app if it is of their interest and uses or not.


A Vimeo Plus member is available in USD. 7 per month with a limit of 5 GB storage per week.  Users can also get an unlimited package in the Vimeo player and a bunch of other stuff which is not available for Vimeo Free users.

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Vimeo Pro is most like for professionals which offer the most exquisite, high-quality picture for your videos.  The Vimeo Pro users can get 20 GB of storage per week for USD 20 per month.


Some important Vimeo features for Vimeo Video creators while making a video are:

  1. UPLOADER: Users can select a video file to upload from their computer, google drive, dropbox, or box account.
  2. ENHANCER: Vimeo will help its users to add a music track from its music library for any of the videos.
  3. COLLECTIONS: Users can add their favorite videos to their portfolios, albums, or groups.
  4. VIDEO SCHOOL: There is a separate section which is dedicated to showing the tutorials and lessons on how to create the best videos.
  5. CREATIVE COMMON VIDEOS: Vimeo app has a section of users’ videos that is licensed for all the creators, which means that anybody can use the video for this specific purpose.
  6. TIP JAR: Vimeo has recently introduced the TIP Jar which allows the users to accept small cash payments from viewers who wish to tip the user in appreciation of their work.
  7. SELL VIDEOS: Upgrade; ed members are allowed to sell their videos as part of Vimeo’s On-Demand feature.


Users can find and enjoy videos on Vimeo through the following options:

  1. STAFF PICKS: The Vimeo staff picks their favorite new videos and shares them in the Staff Picks section.  This is the easiest way to find the best videos which deserve exposure from Vimeo Users.
  2. CATEGORIES: If the user is interested in a specific subject, they can browse through the available categories.
  3. CHANNELS: Creators have created by Vimeo members with collections of videos.  This is another interesting way to discover great videos as per your interest.
  4. COUCH MODE: It allows the users to watch a video on full screen.

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